Bonne St Jean Baptiste!

Tuesday, June 24

Today is la fete nationale du Quebec--sort of a Texas Independence Day for French Canadians. It's been--gosh--nearly ten years since I've been able to celebrate the day on my native soil, and so I on this day I can usually be found listening to some rude and loud folk music in French and crying because I miss home. Then I have some beer, and feel a little better. Today I was able to calm myself down by reminding myself that I will visit Montreal this summer, the first visit since 2003 that doesn't occur over the holidays (read, in winter. Ugh.) D and I are driving up there in the fancypants VW RV that my parents are buying from a man here in Texas (road trip! road trip!) and are very excited about it. But still, I remain isolated from my (loud, proud & inebriated) kinfolk today, and so to feel less alone, I tought I would share some music with you. Enjoy!

Vive le Quebec libre!

Le Quebec aux quebecois!

The bands shown are Les Colocs and Les Cowboys Fringants, or The Roommates and the Dashing Cowboys.


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