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Thursday, June 19

It's been a few days and I haven't given the littlest bit of thought to the blog. Here are a few things that have been on my mind in the meanwhile:

-Is it reasonable, given the price of gas and the state of the environment, to contemplate undertaking a 60-mile roundtrip commute in order to work the front desk at a yoga studio? It would be great for my career (such as it is) and for my betterment as a teacher and student of yoga, and I would get to work barefoot in hippie clothes and there would be NO evil processed snacks to tempt me (I'm looking at you, peanut butter M&Ms), and I would not sit bored at a computer all day. And I would get an iPod. But is it insane?

-Which iPod should I get?

-It's not like moving back to Canada is an option, but it sure is a tempting thought after shopping around for health insurance in the US. Ouch.

-I've been having trouble sleeping these last few nights in the heat, so we're contemplating moving the futon on the back porch, installing mosquito netting, and sleeping there for the summer. On the one hand, that would be really cool. On the other hand, it was 84 degrees on our back porch at midnight last night. (I know. I was awake. I checked. Lovely full moon.) Which, y'know, isn't very cool at all.

-Why can't I get my act together long enough to soak some alfalfa seeds to make sprouts? This incredibly simple task has had me stumped for a good two weeks now. The avocado-pepper goat cheese sandwiches are delightful on their own, but would be better with sprouts. Just sayin'.

-Should I keep my 9:30-11am Wednesday yoga class going for the summer? And do I need to change my attitude regarding the classes I teach at a local community clinic where I only make $3 per person? I enjoy the environment (the clinic is beautiful: exposed brick walls, old wood floors, pressed tin ceiling) and find the work that I do with the (very, very few) students meaningful, but I am a bit cranky about the compensation. Maybe I need to get over that. Maybe not.

-I need sandals. And more yarn. And the Vampire Weekend album. And all the stuff we'll buy at Ikea this weekend.

-My life is fully satisfying, wonderfully rewarding, immensely enjoyable (if a little hot & sticky right now.) I do not want for or need a thing in the world.


Sean said...

OMG! There are Peanut Butter M&Ms?

Get thee to a grocery, Sean!

michael said...

"Contemplation is never unreasonable" he says dogmatically.

If (pay from hippie job - cost of getting to hippie job) > (pay from boring job - cost of getting to boring job) then continue contemplation.

Note: cost of getting to job includes: gas, maintenance and depreciation for car, time in car.

I would add the ... uh ... JOY of driving 60+ minutes to get to work.

Is it insane asks the girl who married a guy she'd known for 10 months and met on the internet then left the Promised isLand for Texas ... hmmmmm.

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