Weekend List

Sunday, June 15

-Peanut butter smoothie, duh.
-Reading & dozing in hammock.
-San Marcos river, though not enough.
-Homemade pizza.
-Eagle vs. Shark.
-D. in trees.
-Wake the Dead coffeehouse.
-A dozen 1-minute cold showers.
-Ravelry, always, forever.
-White linen pants (aka the Kundalini pants.)
-Homeopathic tea of nettles and raspberry leaf.
-Pedro the Lion, revisited.
-D. writing poems.
-Ice cubes.

This posts owes a debt of gratitude and inspiration to jcaitlinc. I heart her.


James Kingsley said...

how was eagle vs. shark? from the trailer it looked either totally rad, or totally stinky.

J.Caitlin said...

omg i can't even tell how immediately excited i was to read this one! i'm suuuuuuuch a sucker for lists...and it sounds like such a lovely weekend :) xo

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